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Bharat Arora Photographer

The earth is art, the photographer is only a witness. I am a freelance photographer-artist specializes in portraiture, fashion, industry, night views and conceptual photography and keen to discover new ways of representing identities through photography. Born in Delhi in 1976, after graduating and persuading a diploma from “IIPC”, I gained experience as an Advertising Agency photographer before turning a freelancer in 1994.

I am recognized for my ease of style and real approach to commissions. I am passionate about my work and bring much more to shoots than just a photograph. I have worked with leading creative talent and shot memorable images for prestigious clients and top agencies from India.

Photography is the medium, which allows me to show my own point of view, sometimes helps me to understand the world we live in and to discover something new about ourselves. Photography is like a passion, sometimes it is like a deeply concealed mystery; sometimes it gives me a chance to see what invisible, hidden deep in my dreams is. It is like desire; always bringing a joy. Photography as any other medium of art evokes emotions in me, asks questions and forces me to reflect on the world around me.

My working preferences are towards the more traditional processes with a particular fondness of large format black and white photography. My work is deeply personal and is not driven by any commercial agenda but is created and delivered from the heart. I aim for my photographs to make people smile. I want them to be remembered for their eye catching colours and the play they show between little and big objects and figures, making the viewer think twice. It's my world of Images and you're welcome to it!